Belated Birthday Bourbons

This is a fairly late birthday present as my housemates birthday was on the 1st January, however I was in Australia and so that's my lame excuse.

My housemate seems to have an endless supply of bourbon's in his cupboard which tend to go stale as he never seems to bother putting them in a air-tight container. I know this because on occasion I would go for a sneaky biscuit and would end up disappointed as they would be stale. So I decided that he needed his own tin to keep his biscuits fresh (and I needed an excuse to purchase some Emma Bridgewater products, I'm just in love with her stuff).  And to fill it, well attempt too,  I have baked some freshly made bourbons. These little biscuits proved a bit harder than they looked and the dough was incredibly dry and kept cracking when I tried to roll it out on the bench. I ended up throwing out about a third of it in frustration towards the end, but the ones I managed to cut out and fill with delicious chocolate cream will hopefully live up to my housemates standard of bourbon.

Happy Belated Birthday Marco

and Happy Baking x

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