Sweet Spaghetti Meat Balls

This week I got to try out some interesting cupcakes out for my workmate Nicky. She is so young at heart and since I couldn't work out how to make burger cupcakes, I went with something a little easier, but definitely lots of fun - Spaghetti Meat Ball cupcakes!

Since I don't even like to put to many things on a cupcake that you wouldn't want to eat, ie to much marzipan, everything on the cake had to be edible and delicious.

I started with normal vanilla cupcakes and used my vanilla butter-cream - with a dash of yellow colouring which was squeezed out to look like the spaghetti.

The meat balls were Ferrero Rocher's tossed in a lovely rich raspberry jam sauce and sprinkled with white sprinkles. I have to say this is probably the wrongest looking dozen cupcakes I've made but were lots of fun.

all ready for the spaghetti
looking edible??
Bon Appetit!!

Also requested was her favourite - coconut slice.. I had to resist eating this when it came out of the oven as the smell of coconut slice has when its fresh out of the oven is irresistible.. nom!

Happy 24th Birthday Nicky!

and Happy Baking x

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