The Folly

I am slowing getting around London to different bakeries, tea houses and other places of baking goodness which I have read or been recommended and yesterday I got the chance whilst at work which was an added bonus. Whilst I would normally shy away from entertaining clients, however the place my boss had selected to go was right up my alley.

Most places in London City are a bit sterile in my opinion so when my boss showed me the website for The Folly I was definitely keen to give this place a go and a free lunch is hard to turn down so close to pay day.

The restaurant was very busy when we walked in, but very spacious with lots of natural light from the massive windows which is unusual for a restaurant in the City as most are below street level. I was impressed with the detail of the whole venue, from the chairs, wallpaper, the real tree trunk in the corner, down to the mint plant that was the centre piece on our table.

I ended up ordering a Thai beef salad and a tiramisu sundae for dessert. The presentation of both was amazing with my salad coming out in a brown take out box on a wooden chopping board, actually writing that sounds horrible, but trust me it looked great. The tiramisu was served in a martini cocktail glass and was delicious and rich, but without being too much for a lunch time treat.

Anyway, what I also got to try was one of the vanilla cupcakes which my boss so kindly ordered for me to take home and try. This was one of the better cupcakes I have tried, but still a little disappointed when the butter icing fell off when I got it home. The look of the cake itself was quite cute with a purple metallic case and green icing and little wafer bird, however I did think it should have had a pistachio flavour with the green coloured icing, but I can't be a hypocrite when it comes to overuse of the food colouring. The real test was the cake base which was still light and fluffy, but just didn't taste as fresh I would like. If I had to rate it I would say would give it a 6/10 - but that's also because I didn't have to pay the £2.95 for this simple treat. I am definitely going to go back with some friends as the rest of the menu looks amazing... as do the cocktails :)

Happy Baking x

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