Cupcake Delights

I was very excited about my cupcake order this week. My boss asked my to make 36 cupcakes for his 50th and I was left to decide what flavours they could be. I get a little overwhelmed with the possibilities, but took the opportunity to try some flavours I've wanted to for a while. This was the final three:

Jam filled vanilla base with a Vanilla Butter cream frosting - topped with sprinkles and edible glitter!

These were my 'simple' cupcakes for people who don't like a fuss about cupcake and also since I have to bake after work I knew these would take no time at all. This time though I did something a little different and that was to use vanilla from a vanilla pod for the base and icing. I must say, once you've cracked the vanilla pod, you will never go back. However at £2.50 for one pod its not the cheapest ingredient, but thanks to a good baking friend of mine I managed to purchase 20 vanilla pods of eBay for £0.90. okay postage was £5, but that's still only 30 pence for one pod.. amazing!

Next I chose a flavour combination which I can never seem to pass up Chocolate Peppermint. Despite loving this combination I had never actually tried creating a cupcake with these amazing flavours. I have to say these are my favourite of all my cupcakes so far.. delish.

The third batch were the Hummingbird Strawberry Cheesecake cupcakes. I had seem my lovely sister in law make these when I was back in Australia and thought these looked very simple to make - I guessed wrong, but it was my stupid oversight that you need to fully dry the strawberries after washing them before putting them in the bottom of the cupcake case. Basically there was too much moisture which caused the cupcakes to bubble over with the excess water and I was left with 12 watery cupcake mess's.

Luckily my new lovely house guest ran to the store and grabbed me some eggs and I made another batch and these came out a treat after I learnt my lesson.

The cupcakes didn't last very long around the office at all...
A lovely lady at work sent me an email which made me smile: "Laura, Just have to say the choc & mint cake was absolutely delicious!  The others look gorgeous as well! "

Cupcakes all boxed and ready to go - transportation is definitely the hardest part!

Happy Baking x

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