The Love Bakery

I have been meant to put this blog review up for a few weeks now and have just been busy/lazy. My lovely friend Anja was my lucky cupcake adventurer for the day and since my sense of direction seemed to be off for the day we ended up walking around south-west London for about 40 minutes before actually locating the shop, but it was well worth the trip.

The shop is simple but super cute and stands out with its pink paint job.

The shop itself it quite small and there isn't really anywhere to sit, however I just love the whole look of the place, with the cute little hand written signs and amazing front window display. It was Valentines Day (or close too) so they had a number of Valentines day specials which were cute and far from tacky which can sometimes be the case with shops exploding with red love hearts and the over use of pink fluffy things.. yuk!

They had a few different flavours, but mainly just the usual, red velvet, vanilla, Oreo and a chocolate with brownie on top. We opted for a few different flavours, including a raspberry one which I recall had fresh raspberries in the icing. I remember enjoying it a lot.

so simple... and delish!
I love this pic of their front window
Oreo Valentines Cupcake
a simple heart... which I think says "I love you'
This was one of my favourite designs with the edible cherub on top

We carried these all the way back to Anja's flat in Old Street and most they survived the trip except for the heart above, but still looked so cute. I love that all these cakes have edible decorations as I feel a little ripped off when you have to pull half the decorations off (taking the icing with it) as you can't eat it.. I want to eat it all!!!

I don't think I got to try this chocolate brownie one till the next day and by then the brownie was a little dry, but the icing was still creamy and not to sweet.

Chocolate Brownie

It was a long trek over there and back, maybe would have helped it I didn't get lost. I can only dream to have a cute little store like this one day.... however I would like to serve tea and coffee and have people enjoy the surrounding as it was the kind of place I'd love to sit and watch people walk by while savouring every last bit of my cake.

Happy Baking x

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