Aussie Pal's Party Times ... cupcakes included!

This post is definitely well overdue as I made these when I went back home to Brisbane in December, I'm getting there with my back blog's.. get it? Sorry bad pun!

My brother and his housemates hosted an amazing cocktail party on their back deck and invited all the pals along. Was the perfect gathering in my few weeks of being back at home and a great way to catch up with so many of them at once. My friend Simon and I stayed on strong until the end, partying hard with a few beer and a game of Pictionary at 5am, well we thought we were party animals drawing simple pictures in the early hours of the morning.

At some point in the night my lovely ladywife Monica helped me serve these up, they were simple vanilla with cream cheese icing. I forget how hot Brisbane is and so they started to lose their icing shape fairly quickly, but didn't last long at all once they got out to all my pals.

Miss Monica!
I think we make a great team here.. I think she should
move back to London.. hey Mon???

Happy Baking x

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  1. Love it.
    Rethinking 'sultry' pose. Thanks for suggesting that pose btw...

    Those cupcakes were scrumptious. SCRUMPTIOUS!