Dance Koko Dance Disco Balls

Hello everyone, I made it back alive from Cochella in once piece and only a mild case of sun stroke, but it was totally worth it.

I only landed from sunny Los Angeles yesterday but I'm straight back into the baking. Tonight I have an order for 12 personalised cupcakes for my boyfriends club night Dance Koko Dance which is going to be mental. Him and his partner have asked me to do a cupcake for each of the artists/dj's. I just stuck with the basic vanilla cake and icing. One tiny problem is my butter has been in the cupboard while I was away and since we seem to be having a heatwave in London at the moment and anyway they sank a little as the butter was too warm.. oops!

The line up for tonight...

If your in London tonight you should come along.. tickets are on the door and I'll be on the dance floor!!

Happy Dancing and Baking x


  1. They looked incredible Laura, good work!

  2. fantastic laura, you are getting more creative by the minute!!!