Just in time for Spring... Low-Fat Berry Tart

I love Friday nights for many reasons; besides it being the longest point of the weekend before having to go back to work on Monday, but it's also my 'cheat night' as I am allowed to have any dessert I want, as long as I've been good all week that is ;)

Last Friday we also had some guests from Australia so I thought a good excuse make something exciting for dessert. I had wanted to make this several weeks back, but it serves 10 so wasn't sure what to do with left overs at that point.

The recipe is from one of the Cook Yourself Thin recipe books which are great books as they really know their stuff ie making low fat food but with tons of flavour. This tart was so simple, starting with some crushed digestive biscuits and butter for the base which was then squished into a pie dish as I don't have a tart dish just yet. For the filling I used low fat cream cheese, honey and a vanilla pod whipped together  and then covered in fresh strawberries and blackberries. The whole thing was devoured and most of us felt guilt free, except maybe for LK who probably overdosed on it, but that was highly amusing to watch.

Happy Baking x

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