Black Bottomed Cakes

I've got so many blogs backing up so I'll try keep it short and get them all up before I go on holidays to LA next week!! Yey... Cochella here I come!

My house guest asked me to bake her some cupcakes for her last day of work before shipping off to Scotland. She said I could choose whatever I wished but this time i wanted a challenge of making something that someone has requested. I made her go through my baking books and alas the Hummingbird Cookbook was the winner and she choose a recipe I've wanted to try but never had - Black Bottomed Cupcakes. It's quite a rich cake with a brownie bottom and a cheesecake top and cream cheese icing. I have always halved the amount of cream cheese Hummingbird use in their icing as I've always wanted to pipe it, however this time I didn't want to pipe so I used he normal recipe. Not sure what is do different about their cream cheese but even after adding about any additional 150g of icing sugar it was still running down the side of the cake.

naked cupcakes... nom nom nom

Reports back from her work was they were a cupcake mess by the time she got work, however they were all still blown away by them. She managed to save me one which by the time I got it at home again it was properly squished but it was still delish.

Happy Baking x

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