The Make Lounge - Cupcake Class

Last week I attended my first ever baking class, well it wasn't so much baking, but decorating!! Which was perfect for me as my cupcake swirls and decorations are pretty limited to a swirl of icing and some sprinkles.

The Make Lounge workshop is up the road from me in Islington, yet walking through this part of Angel I could really see my own little bakery/tea house filled with baked goods in the lovely windows and pretty streets. Maybe one day I will own one of those amazing apartments and run the shop down the road.. oh to dream.

Anyway back to the decorating. The class was amazing and the two and a half hours went buy in a flash. By the end of it, we all walked proudly out the door with our seven cupcake creations. The teacher was a lovely lady called Chole Coker, who also has a cookie cook book due out this year - so keep an eye out. She taught us all some very simple but creative ways to decorate our cupcakes and was a very good source of information for my various questions about general baking and some good tips which I am already putting to use. I am also a little jealous of what she has made for herself, she was a lawyer and gave it all up and now runs her own cake business. At least I know it can be done one day!

First up we learnt how to ice a cupcake with a palette knife, one nice and smooth, the other more of a messy 'farmer's market' look which I prefer.

We then learnt how to make marzipan roses and then got out the piping bags. And finally we made some little decorations covered in edible glitter which I am now a little obsessed with.

My new favourite items in my baking cupboard.. edible glitter and gel colourings!!!

I would highly recommend heading down to the The Make Lounge if you are looking to learn some new skills. And what's so great about this place besides the relaxed learning atmosphere is they don't just do baking either. They have also just announced a new class "Figurines & Flowers" which teaches you how to make edible animals and other flowers for the tops of cakes... anyone want to come with?? Come on we all need to know how to make edible penguins!!

Happy Baking x


  1. Ahhh when do you find the gel colourings?! I used Wilton back home in Oz, but am yet to find them here. When I have my own place I'll be getting into the baking more...

  2. The ones they have are Sugarflair.. you can get some good deals if you buy a few.. want to purchase some more with me? x

  3. Hi Laura
    Love your blog - your cakes look gorgeous. Thanks for your lovely words about the cupcake class - really glad you enjoyed it. We have some new cookie decorating classes in the diary at the Make Lounge so definitely come along if you get a chance. The book is out on 11 Aug but I will try to send you some preview info.
    Happy baking. Chloe Coker