Weekend Delights

This weekend I'm getting out of London for a mini break and to catch up with my friend Laura... and no.. not all my friends are called Laura - just a few it would seem. 

I'm very excited as I haven't seen enough of England besides sunny London in my time here and since my my 4 year anniversary is coming up in April I think I should make an effort to see the English countryside. Laura and her family live in Bishop Stortford (the nice part of Essex apparently) and she is taking me out to Cambridge for the day on Saturday and so very excited to see some proper English towns and go to a proper English Pub for dinner.

I couldn't show up empty handed, so I baked these little treats for her family hospitality. I tried out some of the skills I got from my cupcake class from the other week, however I've still not purchases my new favourite thing of plunger cutters, however my small star cookie cutter seemed to do the trick. The cupcakes are just simple vanilla, but I think they look super cute.

Happy Baking x

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