Dance London Dance at LIGHTBOX

The other weekend, Dance London Dance returned with an amazing line-up at the Lightbox bar in South London. The venue is incredible and is exactly as the name would suggest, many lights... in a box. It was pretty amazing, though I might be biased due to my love of lights... I even got my night flying licence just because I got excited about being able to turn on all the runway lights from the air. Its pretty amazing flying around in darkness and with the touch of a radio button being able to light up 1.5km of runway... how can that not be exciting.

Anyway back to the cakes.

As per usual I was asked to bake each of the DJs a disco cupcake and thanks to Luke Dyson for his amazing photographs.


And as it was the birthday party for the guys from Psychemagik, they got a entire box of disco cakes... complete with sparklers.

Happy Baking x

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  1. Wow, your cakes look stunning as usual. Loving the piping x