Buttoned Down Disco 10th Birthday

Last month one of my favourite club nights Buttoned Down Disco hit a massive milestone - its 10th birthday!!!

This club night for me has many memories; the first memory and one of the best would be after heading to BDD alone as I was suffering terrible homesickness. I had just got back to London after spending the Christmas period with family and friends in Australia and was missing them terribly... ever spent a 24 hour flight crying and pretending you are watching a sad film...?

Anyway so my dad told me to suck it up and go and do things in London that will remind me while I am here. One of those things was dancing, however no one wanted to come out dancing and so I headed down to Koko on my own and met up with Pete who was DJ that night. After chatting for a few hours the intention was to go home, but instead I found myself alone dancing to the whole 3.5 hours of Pete's set and at certain parts of the night he let me throw out the MASSIVE balloons to the 1000+ crowd. How did he know I'd be won over with massive balloons? And now nearly 18 months later Pete is now my boyfriend and I'm still there dancing and occasionally throwing out the balloons, I even have some friends to dance with now... go me!

Over the past 18 months I have some other BDD memories, one of which was my ladywife Monica returning to London from Aus just in time for the F**K NYE party. It was a great night, however I bet one of her not so great memories from the night was this moment...

Why was it her worst? Well being the terrible ladywife I am I forgot she has a FEAR OF BALLOONS! She was lovely enough to tell me the day after... sorry Mon.
Another recent memory was my old housemates Ebs & Cam who now live in NYC came to visit... I think the look on Cam's face here tell us he has definitely been won over by the balloons.

To mark the occasion, it thought it was fitting that I make some disco cupcakes to take along. I thought I'd throw some 100's & 1000's in there to represent the balloons... I'm sure that definitely what people thought as they were eating them...!

Happy Dancing & Baking x

Photos by Mark Box 

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  1. Wow, those cupcakes certainly look very bing. Happy annivesary to the club x