Charlotte's 1st Birthday

Just over a year ago Pete's goddaughter Charlotte was brought into this world, however from the day she was born she has had a number of challenges; many more than some of us with go through in a lifetime.

Earlier this year it was decided she would need a liver transplant and since her operation she is like a new person and celebrating her 1st birthday last month felt like we were celebrating so much more, including her amazing parents who have been through so much.

Happy Birthday Charlotte!!

For the party I offered to bake the birthday cake and I was very excited to use this an excuse to bake the Number 1 cake from the Women's Weekly Kids Birthday Book, including as well some lemon cupcakes for the adults.

I was quite pleased how this cake turned out and I thought for sure my smarties would not look straight like in the picture; I've never had a good eye for getting things straight. I have confession though, and I don't think anymore noticed, but when you put 2 packets of smarties into bowls, you tend to eat them, so I was a few smarties short on the side of the cake - oops!

Looks just like the picture...

And the cupcakes...

Sam handing out the cakes...

...with his best smile!

The birthday girl...

Happy Baking x


  1. aw, that's beautiful! well done x

  2. Ahh the lemon cupcakes look lush! Nice post x