Cake Pops - my at home attempt

I finally got a chance to try out some more cakes pops at home after my evening at The Make Lounge and the thing about making them here was we got to start at the easy bit - the decorating!

I have to say, I do like cake pops as they taste delish and ridiculously cute however they are not as easy or quick as baking a batch of cupcakes or even a layer cake.

As I was doing this after work, I dragged the process out over 3 nights starting the first night with baking the cake.

The next night I destroyed the cake and then squished in the icing (so much fun) and then rolled the 'dough' into individual balls weighing exactly 30 grams each which was then refrigerated. 

The next evening they then need to have the lollipop stick added with a small amount of the melted candy melts so they are set which another time consuming process.

They are now ready to be dipped and decorated and I have to say that I'm generally not THAT creative when it comes to things like this and I like to keep things simple, however I wanted to try making a cat cake pop for my friend who recently got the cutest little kitten, Bubbles...

Isn't she adorable.

I researched the Internet for some idea on make cat cake pops and thought I would have a go at making the ears out of just some sugar paste which I stuck on first before dipping in the candy melts. They didn't look to bad, but then I didn't really know what to do to make them look more like cats and so I dipped the back of the head in some chocolate sprinkles, however I think this just made them look like cat with bad mullets.

Anyway I tried out a few of the cutters and make some flowers, but to my honest my favourite cake pops to eat at the ones fully immersed in the 100's & 1000's; the crunch when you bite in is amazing! 

Happy Baking x

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  1. Looks delish. I've never made or eaten a cake pop, but I agree, they do look quite complicated x