Shortbread Times Three - Recipe 22 of the Women's Weekly Challenge

I decided that I would make all of the three shortbread recipes together as they were all the same recipe with a slight amendment to each.

First up was the Choc-Mint Shortbread recipe. I had a bit of difficulty with these are I
went in search of an English equivalent to a Peppermint Crisp bar, however nothing seemed to have the right mint texture/chocolate combination. Luckily my friend Natty Jane came to the rescue after a quick shout out on my Facebook page.

The dough of this biscuit was very easy to work with and the biscuits turned out all quite uniformed, however I felt like they were undercooked. Thinking back on it now however, I think I was expecting a harder chocolate biscuit and forgetting that shortbread is meant to be melt in your mouth. I have one chocolate bar left, so maybe round two is on the cards.

The second recipe was the Latte Shortbread Dippers. These made me angry! How on earth was this recipe ever going to PIPE!!! Shortbread by nature is not a pipe-able dough and without the addition of an liquid there was no way this was going to pipe; not that I didn't try. I was so determined to pipe these and even added a few tablespoons of milk, but after two ruined piping bags and a lot of weird looks from my housemates for yelling at said bags, I gave up and used a spoon. I would like to know how on earth Women's Weekly actually managed to  pipe these, as I'm clueless.

The third recipe was Ginger, Lime and Cashew Shortbread. The idea of all these ingredients had me intrigued and the smell from the oven was delish. These were probably my favourite of the three however they were very crumbly and a lot of them didn't make it in transit to the office. I would definitely attempt to make them again as the flavour combination was great.

Happy Baking x

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