Bakewell Tarts

Last Sunday as I was reading my baking books in bed deciding what I was going to bake and Pete said since i never bake him anything i should bake some Bakewell Tarts just for him. So being the good girlfriend I am I decided to take on the challenge. First challenge, was finding out what exactly it was? I had never eaten one before but had a feeling almond was in it and I was right. Points to me!

I flicked through a few books and settled on the mini Bakewell tart recipe in the Women's Weekly Afternoon Tea book my dad was kind enough to send me because he thought I would like it... I have the best dad. Also because anything mini is just too cute.

Completing some of my new years goals by baking pastry
Not a bad bake for my first time
I was so chuffed with myself about how these turned out and the cherry on top well was.. just that. My other Aussie housemates had never had a Bakewell tart either and like me was not so keen on actually eating the cherry. However I think maybe glacĂ© cherries in Australia are different as we all really enjoyed these.  Next high tea favourite I think.

Happy Baking x

and one happy boyfriend...


  1. They were GREAT! And nawww to Happy Pete!

  2. They look lovely. I love bakewell tarts, a very traditional English pudding x