Gingerbread - Recipe 21 of the Women's Weekly Challenge

Gingerbread! One of my favourite biscuits ever, great on their own, with icing & sprinkles or my favourite topping - blue cheese... yes cheese! If you don't believe me try it. I first had this in Sweden at Christmas and once I had tasted its been a must have for any cheese platter affair.

My love of gingerbread went into full swing a few years ago when my lady wife and I lived together in London. My house mates at the time and I were all fairly new to the country and so when we moved in together we had pretty much had just a suitcase each. The first weekend we moved is still a fond memory as we were all so excited about moving to our own place, however we quickly realised we didn't even have a pot to boil water in and so baking back then was out of the question for quite awhile. That Christmas I decided to bake some festival gingerbread with a very limited amount of baking tools, luckily a bowl, wooden spoon, a pair of £2 scales from Argos and a wine bottle as my rolling pin was all I needed, well actually I think I may have treated myself to a heart shaped cookie cutter too. That Christmas Mon and I made about 5 or 6 batches of cookies, and I'm pretty sure we ate every last one of them. I'd even made some as decorations for the tree, though some days I'd come home to find half a cookie hanging on a tree as Mon has decided she wanted something with her tea. I even attempted a gingerbread house....

A few years on I have my own baking cupboard just to keep all my bits and pieces in, including some hooks on the wall for all 17 of my aprons, yes 17***!! My sister is a professional chef and she has 2!

Back to the cookies, this recipe was actually better than the one I have been using for years so I might use this one going forward. Unfortunately I am not much of a creative cookie decorator so they still look like a child did them.. never mind.

Happy Baking x

***to my family and friends, please no more aprons as presents, or measuring cups & spoons.. or recipe books as I stupidly try and cook every recipe from them and OCD won't let me stop!!

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