Chocolate Guinness Cake

The other week was my boyfriend's DJ partners birthday and luckily for him it was the same night as their monthly club night CUBED. I had the task of baking the birthday cake that would be presented at midnight to Chris along with a bottle of champagne. Without knowing what his favourite type of cake was, I thought, "What do boys like? Beer of course!"

I love this cake, its like chocolate but better. I made some cupcakes years ago without a recipe, just following the directions from my ex housemate who is an amazing patisserie chef at Ottolenghi. To make them she just sat at the table and basically told me what to use and when and the end result were some amazing chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese icing that impressed everyone at work the next day.

Until Hummingbird brought out their latest book I have been unable to recreate this masterpiece of flavour. I did feel a bit guilty as I broke my colleagues Lent commitment of giving up cake as he just couldn't pass up a cake with Guinness. He literally sat it on his desk for 3 hours watching it, before giving in and devouring it. I was a little worried that it wouldn't have been worth the sacrifice of guilt, but going by his reaction, it was all worth it.

Happy Birthday Chris x

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