Coconut Chocolate Crunchies aka KINGSTONS! Recipe 18 of the Women's Weekly Challenge

It's Friday !! Yey! Though that always means to the worst song is stuck in my head all day... *shake fist at Rebecca Black*

I have some blogs to catch up on and have wanted to get these ones out there as I was pretty stoked about how they turned out. I did cheat a little bit by skipping through to the Filled Biscuits section of the Women's Weekly Cookbook just to make them. I just couldn't wait any longer as these biscuits are ones that I miss from Aus and without bigging myself up to much, I reckon my batch was about as close as you get to the real thing... I would even say better than a real Kingston. For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, a Kingston is a biscuit made in Australia by Arnotts and they are delish!!

These ones flew out of the tin a lot faster than normal and it wasn't just my Aussie's pals either, one to put back on the list.

Happy Baking x

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