Peanut Crunch Cookies - Recipe 17 of the Women's Weekly Challenge

Back on track with the Women's Weekly baking challenge, just to refresh everyone basically I'm just baking my way through the book itself. I don't actually have a time limit on it so its not a hard challenge, but I figure it will take me a while. I've only cheated once by skipping one recipe I'm really just not interested in, but everything else I have to bake at some point. At the moment, I'm not even out of the 'Plain Biscuits' section, but I have jumped ahead on a few occasions.


I'm always excited to make a recipe with peanut butter, however this recipe replaced the butter with peanut butter and it was a definite peanut crunch, but no taste of the peanut butter. Still tasty and crunch nevertheless.. great 3pm tea break biscuit.

Happy Baking x