Gluten Free Vanilla Cupcakes with Jam Filling

I was very excited when Melinda's (who's wedding cupcakes I did earlier this year) asked me to do some cupcakes for her 40th Birthday.. umm I mean 21st Birthday! She generally gives me a bit of a guidance of what she wants and then I get to use my 'creative input' which I'm still developing.. and hopefully improving. This time I was sent off in the direction of pastel colours and this is was the result...

Who would actually know these were gluten free and I did have one comment back that "This was my best batch yet"... I just think they forget each time.

I'm glad Melinda gets to enjoy these as well as her department, who were none the wiser that they were not only gluten free but a little lighter on the calories.

Happy Birthday Melinda and Happy Baking x

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