Lavender Cupcakes

I have wanted to bake some lavender cupcakes for a long time now, but like many things I get distracted by so many other amazing things I want to bake. My first problem arouse when I tried to locate the lavender (I probably didn't look very hard). I was lucky enough however for my housemate to 'borrow' some lavender from the baking cupboard at his work. It was such a lovely 'gift' and about 8 months later I got around to using it - Thanks Tom!

doesn't look to appealing
Lavender mini's

Another reason I was actually put of making these was back in May I got a selection of truffles from this small English town en route to the Lake District. Pete and I were sharing the selection in the car and when suddenly bit into what I thought was orange creme, however to me (and Pete as I still made him try it) it tasted like I was biting into a mouthful of potpourri. Nice to smell.... NOT to eat.

However this recipe for these cupcakes included using lavender which had infused into milk overnight in both the butter cream icing and the cake itself. I was pleasantly surprised that my cupcakes didn't taste like potpourri and I actually really enjoyed the flavour which was quite strong, but not overpowering. I will be making these again very soon and will hopefully look a bit more presentable.

Happy Baking x

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