Candy Cakes in Covent Garden

As of tomorrow I will have made it 7 days with no sugar!!! Well except of course for small taster of some of baking goods from my baking weekend. I'm already planning out carefully when my next sugar treat is and its going to be/better be well worth it!

Anyway my last day of sugar was the May Day holiday and so I went on a little cupcake adventure into Covent Garden. The plan was to go to Sweet Couture, however we had been walking around for a while and decided we needed to sit down for a bit and so I stumbled across Candy Cakes. Okay less of a stumble, and more of a use a computer with free internet at the Apple store and search for cupcake shops and this one said it was 4 second walk.. not close enough!

Pete looks happy surrounded by pink

I'd never heard of this before and so I wasn't sure what to expect. The whole store was very bright and had the potential to be cute, however it was definitely lacking something, but its in a high tourist spot (it was in the Covent Garden Piazza) and I never expect much from tourist areas.

We decide to have a milkshake each and then share a cupcake. Which was a great idea as I wouldn't have been able to eat a whole cupcake. I got a Mint Aero milkshake and Pete got a Reeses Peanut Buttercup milkshake. I had a little bit of milkshake envy, but the Mint Aero hit the spot... I'm a sucker for choc mint!

I was going to take the cupcake home but we just decided to eat it straight away. I went for Banoffee flavour and as I cut the cupcake in half, you could tell straight away it was dry. The icing however redeemed the cake (slightly) and also didn't fall off which is more than I can say for a lot of cupcakes I've bought. I went to eat the sweet on top which Pete then informed me was a licorice all sort which I apparently scrunched my nose up at.. I thought it would be caramel... why put licorice on a banoffee cake?

Anyway besides the cake, the icing was lovely, but it tasted more of coffee than toffee. Or maybe I have mistaken what Banoffee is.. maybe they should have renamed it Bancoffee!

Happy Baking x

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