Testing... Vanilla Cupcakes.. I think I passed!

I have only two weeks until I have to bang out 100 cupcakes for a friends wedding and whilst I've done many cupcakes before, I'm still slightly nervous.. actually a lot nervous. Also I started a no-sugar diet yesterday, well its not a diet, just no sugar unless natural etc, but strangely what actually helps my sugar cravings is baking and now Day Two of my no sugar few weeks is nearly over!

So tonight whilst Pete sits on his computer doing his best to tell the world of Reading about a Cloud Control gig next week and  LK is in her room practicing her songs as she is now supporting them I get my bake on with some simple vanilla cupcakes which hopefully my workmates will enjoy tomorrow.

This is Tom and it seems he likes my cake.. so that's good enough for me...

Happy Baking x

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