Konditor & Cook Baking Class

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get a spot on the trial baking class for Konditor & Cook. It was a steal at £10, especially since we all came home with 3 cakes each.

My colleague Lucy came along and we spent 4 and a half hours learning “all about sponge”. I have made many sponges, but sometimes things just don’t turn out how they should and I’m always willing to find out why, so this class was perfect.

It was a busy few hours, but after all our hard work we each had a six inch curly whirly cake,

a lemon chiffon,
 and St. Clementine tart
to take home with us. Our teachers Lau and Marie were very energetic and had so many useful tips that I have already put into practice, though my egg cracking still needs work!

The best tip of the day (for me anyway as I really despise lining cake tins) was to use tin foil. No greasing, measuring or cutting needed!! It literally has changed my life.

If you haven't tried any cakes from Konditor & Cook then best you do, they are incredible. Or if you fancy leaning to bake them yourself, I would highly recommend one of their baking classes.
  Their cookbook is definitely on my Christmas wish list for anyone struggling to think of the perfect gift for me… and you might just get a cake from me in return!

Happy Baking x


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