The Travelling Pie Dish - Take 2

If you follow any of my social media lately you would be aware of (bored of) my recent pie dish updates. And so I thought I would take this opportunity to explain the story of the pie dish and why it was such a story to finally receive it and to say thanks to all involved.

A few years ago, back when I had started baking in London, my housemate at the time was also into baking and she found this lovely pie dish on Etsy. Back then I had very little baking equipment or baking dishes and therefore this was a welcome addition to our limited collection. I would like to mention that at this time I still think I was using a wine bottle as a rolling pin, but it did the job.

The original pie dish

A number of pies were made by various housemates, apple & blackberry, apple, low fat berry, pumpkin and one of my favourites, lemon meringue

When I moved out 18 months ago I was again without a pie dish. By now, my baking equipment collection had expanded, and I also didn't want to purchase just any pie dish, I wanted a similar pie dish that just felt 'homely'. I’d booked to go to New York last November to visit my friends and this provided the opportunity to find a new dish (as it's an American company) and luckily I found the perfect one. I had ordered it with plenty of time for it to be delivered before I got there, but sadly it didn't arrive and appeared to have been lost in transit. I left NYC a week later with no pie dish.

The following day, my friend informed me that it had arrived the day after I left! I was happy, but annoyed that she would now have to go to the trouble of posting it. By this time, I was going home to Australia for an extended stay and my friends were also heading off on their travels, so it wasn't posted until February this year. It finally arrived on the busiest day of the year at work for me, and I decided to wait until and open it after this week was over. 

On the Friday, I took the box out to the dining table to cut the tape and stupid me in my tired state, let the dish slip out the other end. I have about 6 tiles in my flat… and it managed to fall (still in the bubble wrap) directly on to the tiles and smash. 


I was so gutted :(

After all this I wasn’t going to bother about it for awhile, but then one of the underwriters was travelling out to our New Jersey office and I asked if he minded carrying it back for me. He said he was happy too and I managed to find another similar pie dish, but a pumpkin one this time. I got it delivered to the NY office and he kindly brought it back in his luggage for me and this time I managed to get it home and opened without smashing it. YEY!

So the next important question… is what pie to bake first???

Happy Baking x

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