Rainbow Cupcake

There are a number of baking blogs I follow for inspiration. One of my favourites blogs is by Lyndsay and her website is Coco Cake Land. I have followed this blog for a few years now and she has made some incredible creations (without using too much sugarpaste), and her photography skills are amazing too. There are also some really helpful tutorials and step-by-step instructions and recently she has been into brightly coloured creations which I have wanted to try.

Last weekend, my friend LK invited me along to the pub for her birthday and I wanted to give her one of my cupcakes, so it was a good chance to try out something bright and colourful.

The idea was pretty simply; I used my normal vanilla cupcake recipe with vanilla butter-cream and split both the mixtures into 3 bowls and added my colours. Then I set up a piping bag in a pint glass and filled the bag with the coloured mixture. Ensure you keep the amounts down either side even so you get a good spread of each colour.

I was really impressed with how they turned out, so vibrant!

And my friend LK was pretty happy too, Happy Birthday LK!

Happy Baking x

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