Dum Dum Donutterie

Today, my friend Emma and I decided to try something new for our weekly lunch hour meet up in the city and break from our normal coffee spot. I suggested it, mainly because I had heard about the new Dum Dum Donutterie that has opened up in the trendy BOXPARK in Shoreditch. It was a bit of a trek for a lunch hour as it is a mile from my work, so I jumped on a Boris bike and met Emma halfway and we power-walked the rest.


To be honest, I am not a huge donut lover. When I was younger I worked at Donut King, but was never really a fan of the hot cinnamon donut. Instead if I was to eat any, I preferred what we called the 'yeast mixture' donuts which was a different batter to the cinnamon donuts and they were fried and then baked. I also don't like to get too excited about new 'fads', especially when I heard about a croissant/donut creation. Both were decent in their own right, just leave them be!

However, after today, I might just have to take that back. When Emma and I arrived, the two guys behind the counter were very friendly and more than happy to explain to us EVERY flavour they had. Even though we looked like we weren't paying attention as we were too busy trying to get the right light for our instagram photo's... hey, its Shoreditch, I can be a hipster.

We decided to share a donut and a 'cronut'. The donuts are baked and not fried, which means they have a lot less saturated fat than a normal donut (I guess we didn't have to power walk afterall). I chose the Almond Creme & Pistachio cronut and Emma went for the Morello Cherry Puree Fondant and Pistachio donut. SOOO good!!

As you can see there are a few amazing flavours to try, so we will be back again soon for sure.

Happy Cronuts x

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