Shortbread - Recipe 28 of the Women's Weekly Challenge

I have recently moved house and so I'm completely behind on blogging; what also doesnt' help is that our Internet has not yet been connected...grrr!We have a mobile dongle thing, but it keeps running out of memory so I'm going to use that as my excuse for being behind on my blogs.

This is another entry for my Women's Weekly Challenge, I am getting very near the end of the Plain Biscuits chapter which is very exciting. I also spent last weekend in Paris learning how to make macaron's (more on that later), so I am very excited to get to this section of the book.

This shortbread recipe for me is a bit weird. The only shortbread recipe I have ever made is my Nana Peg's recipe which is basic but in my opinion the best shortbread I've ever had.

I think there are a few fundamental things I did wrong with this recipe, first of which was not flattening out and making the bottom thin enough as it didn't completely cook through. This also then made it crack and became very crumbly and I think a few pieces didn't quite make as a biscuit - except into my mouth. It was still tasty, however I think I might stick to my Nana's recipe, which I will never be able to perfect, but I think she might like to know that I am trying.

Happy Baking x

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