Vanilla Cupcakes with Sparkly Flowers

Keeping up with blogging and photo editing proved quite difficult over the last 2 weeks as my computer became just a TV for watching the Olympics and not much else. Now that the Olympics are over I am trying to catch up along with packing to move house this weekend. I am also very excited to be going to the Paralympics which will keep the Olympic fever running and even more exciting is my friend and old housemate is competing in the Women's Long Jump. She is a truly remarkable person and I know we are all excited to see her compete. You can find out more about her current world record here

Back to the baking, so this was just something I was trying out. As I said I'm move this weekend and trying to use up some of my bits and pieces in my baking cupboard. I simply coloured some marzipan and cut out some flowers using my daisy cutter. I then painted them with edible glue using a toothpick; not the best tool, but it worked. Then I dipped the flowers in some sprinkles and let them dry.

I was really please with the results, as a person who is not too great at the fiddly decorations I think these are simple for anyone to make. I even had a lady as me where I bought them from.

Happy Baking x


  1. Looks delicious, another perfect cupcake x

  2. The little sparkly flower is perfect! I love that you placed it off to the side :)