Cake Pop Class with April Carter at the Make Lounge

I had been talking about attending the Cake Pop Decorating Class at The Make Lounge for awhile now and for the month of August they were offering an Olympic discount so there was no reason not to go. I thought I would run the idea past some of the girls at work that are into baking so I didn't have to go solo again and surprisingly 3 of them wanted to join me.

The Cake Pop decorating classes are taken by April Carter of Rhubarb and Rose. April is the author of Top of the Cake Pops which is a great little book showing the step by step process of making and decorating cake pops from simple sprinkle covered cake pops and then also how to make celebrity shaped cake pops. I have made a few cake pops from which didn't make it onto my blog unfortunately, however my ex housemate Helena took some great photos and they are on her blog fourzerofive.

When we arrived we were given a glass of wine and about 7 blank cake pops. We needed to have one that had a dimple in it and one that was a oblong shape. We were all quite intrigued as to what we were going to make out of these odd shapes.

You can see the dimple one off to the right and the oblong one in front.

First up we had to learn how to dip the cake pop and the just dipped them in 100's and 1000's.

We then learnt how to do a marble effect which was such a simple idea and looks great, though I chose pink and yellow which wasn't enough of a contrast, so I took a few pictures of the other girls so you can see the effect.

Elsa concentrating on not losing the cake pop into the candy melts.

Next April showed us how to roll out some fondant and cut little shapes out using plunger cutters and we stuck these on.

Next we step up the skill level (well for me anyway) and April showed us how to create a pig. It actually wasn't as hard as I thought, though I did have a bit of an accident with the first one, it didn't survive the cut.


I went against the norm and made a yellow pig... crazy!! I live on the edge you see.

Jenny got it right with a correctly coloured pig and even put a pretty bow on it.

Elsa requiring assistance from April, we had a few accidents to say the least.

Kelly's Pig

Kellys' Pig's tail

Next we found out what the dimple one was for... an apple! How clever. 

Kelly perfecting her leaf

I'm not good at delicate detail, but I don't think I did to badly, it kind of looks like a leaf.

My shiny red apple which I gave to my physio the next day when he signed me off... woo!

And for our final creation, we used the oblong cake pop which was transformed into...

A sheep! How freaking cute is he?? I was so simple to create yet looks so adorable (ignore the fact mine looks like its on some form of drug).

All of us very happy with our bag of goodies, we were also quite full of sugar from eating our 'failed' cake pops and drinking wine.

Happy Baking x


  1. yay! i got the lamb! baaaa.

    i like the marbellly ones ^^

    clever chicken xx

  2. Lovely post Laura! It was really nice to meet you - glad you liked the class too. Love the sheep! x

  3. I think the cake pops will be the new craze. What a lovely way to spend a day x