London 2012 Olympic Ring Cake

The London 2012 Olympics! We have been counting down to this for years. I have been in this country for just over 5 years now and ever since I stepped foot off the plane its been talked about/discussed/debated and finally its here.   I must say until about a week ago I was not fazed much by the Olympics and thinking back I can't even recall any memories from the Beijing Olympics (though I worked out that was the year I moved into the Villas and we had no internet or TV for quite some time... hence my lack of memory of the synchronised 2,008 drummers). 

As of last week and the countdown to the Opening Ceremony got closer there was a real buzz about London that's pretty hard to ignore and my Olympic spirit kicked in. For the Opening Ceremony we were lucky enough to have my friend Miss Kate throw an Opening Ceremony party so we could all watch it together on the big screen. We all (most) dressed up in Olympic outfits and each had to bring a dish, and of course my dish was cake!  

Miss Sumo Kate
Miss Sumo Helena

The idea for this cake is not my own and I give full credit to The Whisk Kid, however I adapted it to just 5 layers in the order of the Olympic Rings and just used my simple buttercream recipes for the icing. Whilst I was making this I was a bit sceptical that the colours would not be bright enough as when the cakes came out of the oven, they were all slightly brown, which is fine as that's how they should be, but I wanted the bright colours of the rings to be the highlight of the cake.   The cake was cut by our lovely host during the start of the procession for each country and it looked truly amazing. The colours were so vibrant and the cake tasted perfect, with not too much icing which is a difficult when you have 5 layers of cake. If only baking was an Olympic sport....  


Happy Baking x   

p.s. This is the first time I have tried to do some gif's and I think they are okay for my first attempt, but have learnt some key things for next time. Tip one: cake needs to be in the same spot. Tip two: camera also needs to be in the same spot/angle. But you get the point.

Olympic Cake _ Mark 2

Olympic Cake


  1. Your GIF looks great, I wish I was a technical person. I love the five layer sponge cake, looks delish, how long did it take to make?

  2. Thanks Missflash. I didn't take long at all, I did it after work one night, so maybe about 2-3 hours (inc cooking time)

  3. Hey Laura! This looks incredible & I love the way you have made the bottom two images- so clever! On a separate note... I totally own the same sumo suit. Great minds ;) xxx

  4. Thanks Alex, though is yours just to cover the baby thats about to pop out of you xx