Two Hemispheres, Two Weddings & 228 Cupcakes!

This year I have been lucky enough to have attended two weddings already and to say the least, they couldn't have been any different from each other. The great thing about them was that it is so lovely to see each couple spending their special day the way they wanted too, surrounded also by so many family and friends. 

They were literally on the other side of the world from each other, with my brother's wedding in Australia basked in 24 degree heat at New Farm Park and my boyfriend's brother getting married in a quaint church in the English countryside in the pouring rain.

What made the occasions special for me was both couples put their trust in me and was asked to do their respective cupcakes for their big day.

So Congratulations to Tim and Bri...

The Happy Couple - trust me, I know my brother.. that's a smile!
My littlest sister (but by no means the shortest) helping set up
The cupcake team.. including Tracey who came to my recuse
when my icing recipe decided it didn't want to work in Aus.
Trialing my own creations
Champagne and a cupcake... yes please!
Even Daddyo got in on some cupcake action

And Congratulations to Kevin and Georgina...

The Happy Couple... does the church look familiar to anyone?
G was very brave and baked this
the day before her wedding...
does this windmill look familiar to anyone?
PS. the windmill moves... freaking cool!
The wedding theme was Steam Punking, hence the cogs!
The cutting of the cake & the cutest bridesmaids ever
The first official taste test...
I think they were okay as he had 2!
K & G's first dance... a very impressive salsa dance!!

Happy Weddings xx


  1. What a lovely and cute couple. Congratulations to you guys and I wish you all the best.

  2. The cupcakes look amazing. Well done x

  3. The frosting was really nice at Kev and Geos wedding. I couldn't have the cake as I'm a gluten free person.