Pimms Cupcakes for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Parade

As luck would have it, I am fortunate enough to have a friend who lives on a house boat on the Thames near St. Katherine's Dock. For the most part, spending time on her boat is pretty amazing, especially since her view is of Tower Bridge. But what is even more fortunate is she decided to host a party to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and we had front row seats to the Queen and the 1,000 boats that joined her parade.

The celebration flags of all the boats on Lulu's moorings... so pretty!

Apparently the moorings in which she is located would be a high terrorists threat and therefore each boat was only allowed 15 people. We all had to show ID on arrival and had our own wrist bands. It was like getting into a private club and as much as I felt sorry for all the people who had probably lined up for hours and stood standing in the rain; I was a little bit smug walking down the jetty past them all.

Proper security for the boats...or making sure we aren't up to no good

The boat we thought the Queen was in

For the occasion I decided some festive cupcakes would be in order and a few days earlier I stumbled across this recipe from Lay the Table for Pimms Cupcakes. I was a bit sceptical about putting cucumber in buttercream, but the way the cucumber, mint, orange and strawberry came together it actually did taste just like Pimms.

Festive cupcakes ready to be dressed
All four icing's ready to be piped

 Besides the torrential rain that be
gan when the boats started to pass by, it was a fantastic day... actually to be fair the rain didn't bother us one bit and we persisted in the rain with our plastic cups full of champagne. 

The boys sneaking onto another boat to use the BBQ
Lulu's boat name.. m/v Onderneming

And thank you to Miss Lulu for hosting.. she was definitely the hostess with the boat-ess!!

Happy Jubilee x

These guys thought our party was the best and came and joined us for a beer... or rather paddled off with some!

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