Thomas Miller Social Tapas Evening

This year one of my new years resolution was to learn more baking skills and so I jumped at the chance when our companies social committee put on a Tapas Cookery Evening at the Open Kitchen in Hoxton.

On arrival we were greeted with a large grass of sangria and toasted almonds. From there we were taken up to the kitchen and introduced to chefs and split into teams of two to work on a different recipe each.

Spanish Cheese
Washing and drying of the olives
Simple but delish

Since I didn't have to much to prepare, I got to go check out what everyone else was up too. This is one of the chef's teaching his team to do a Spanish omelette and check out his glasses beard combo...amazing!

a perfect Spanish omelette
so simple, just photo and eggs... many many eggs!

Next up were the stuffed mushrooms. I gave the girls on this team a hand... so many mushrooms to fill.

stuffed mushrooms, ready for the oven

I am really funny about my seafood, its weird as I think seafood looks and smells great, but I'm always really funny about how its cooked etc. I finally tasted mussels a few years ago and I can eat a few, same with oysters. However prawns I just can't get over the texture; the way they "pop" in your mouth when you eat them, yet I still love the idea of them and also weirdly love to peel them, which my dad has already appreciated. All the seafood tapas on the evening looked great...

fresh salsa for the mussels

and the prawns...

the chorizo was so delish...

and finally the breads....

Lynda making all the breads look shinny with a drizzle of olive oil

It was such a lovely evening all round and all the chefs were great. I think I might be back for their patisserie class very soon.

Happy Gazpacho x

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