Choc-Vanilla Noughts & Crosses - Recipe 16 of the Women's Weekly Challenge

This is a cheating blog entry. I don't have anything new to blog about so I thought I would catch up on my Women's Weekly Challenge baking which I'm hoping to get back into the swing of very soon.

I made these in October or November last year and I wasn't took keen on the bake as they were over done and on the very crispy side. Also they were meant to be as noughts and crosses, but I forgot and ended up all with crosses.. fail! No fun related noughts and crosses games afterwards for me!

Next up to bake in the challenge..  its coconut sesame crisps.. oh wait, I just checked and I think that page is now missing*... so it will be PEANUT CRUNCH COOKIES!

Happy Baking x

*page is not missing - I have no interest  in baking coconut sesame crips and... hey I set the Rules so I bake or not bake what I want to.

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  1. Looks lovely, i'm not good at biscuits or cookies, so it's nice looking at pictures where the bakes turn out great. Thanks for sharing the link for the chocolate beetroot brownies, can't wait to try x