Chin Chin Laboratories & Primrose Hill Bakery

I've been lucky enough to have my lady wife Monica over from Australia for about 7 weeks, though she is currently trekking through Scotland as we speak and I'm excited to be catching a train to Edinburgh on Friday after work to hang out. Last weekend we decided to do some walking around London like we use too when she lived here a few years ago. First walk included walking home from work which took about 1hr 15mins which we then rewarded ourselves with chili bean nachos at Big Red which is a pub we use to go to with the best nachos* in London^.

The next day we decided to do some more wandering, so after lunch we headed to Camden so I could introduce Mon to the Chin Chin laboratories as she is a massive science geek. If you haven't been to this place and you love ice-cream then you must pay it a visit. The guy who served (I think he runs it) carefully explains how the whole process works which is basically making ice cream on the spot with a kitchen aid and some liquid nitrogen.. amazing! I went for the flavour of the week which was rhubarb jelly and custard. Which was literally custard pored into the ice cream mixture and topped with the fresh rhubarb jelly. You then get a plethora of toppings and I went for the raspberry coulis and honeycomb.

Mon went for the vanilla which was completed speckled with vanilla seeds and also some honeycomb and chocolate topping... so delish. The flavours all can be tasted and without the overload of sugar that most ice cream has, which I'm not knocking by the way! So I have a kitchen aid, anyone know where I can get some liquid nitrogen??


After this it started to get very cold, but we carried on and walked up the Camden canal to find the Primrose Bakery. I have wanted to check it out for awhile now and had no idea how close it actually was to Camden. London is so much smaller sometimes than you think! By the time we got there I didn't really have any room for a cupcake so I went with a melting moment which have always been a favourite of mine. I saved this one for later that night and enjoyed it very much with a lovely cup of tea... unfortunately I ate it before I took a picture.. oops! The shop itself is very kitsch and all the products definitely had that homemade feel about them that I life, unfortunately I thought the sweets which were on sale throughout the shop made it a bit tacky and thrown all in together a bit haphazardly.


Will definitely go back again, especially as a 40 min walk from my house always deserves a cupcake and the walk up Primrose Hill afterwards will burn off anything extra.

How's the serenity?

Happy Baking x

* just don't order the chicken ones - they always disappoint
^ have not actually tried all nachos in London - but enough to know!