Tracey's Banana Bread

A few years ago I was very lucky to have my dear friend Tracey come and live in London for the good part of a year. For the first few months however as she found her feet she became our extra housemate. I do very much look fondly back on that time in the Villas as my sister was also staying with us setting herself up in London. Most days going home was always a full house and I loved knowing I was going home to some good friends and family.

One of my favourite things about Tracey staying was her baking. At this point in my time in London I had not really started baking at all, however I definitely got the bug after Tracey stayed with us. One of my favourite things she made was her Banana Bread. She must know this recipe back to front and could make it in the blink of any eye. One minute there would be old brown banana's sitting around ready for the bin... then next minute the house smelt wonderfully of Banana Bread.

Before she left I got her to write down her recipe. These days we go to the Internet to get some recipe from some blogger we have never heard of before, however nothing beats a hand written recipe that erroneously reads baking powder instead of bi-carb.

And nothing beats a warm piece of banana bread with some butter and honey... oh and of course a cup of tea!

Happy Baking x

PS. I would give you the recipe but its mine and Tracey's secret....

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