Monte Carlo Biscuits... some much missed Aussie treats! And the Start of the Women's Weekly Challenge

When I was back home in Australia in December I purchased the Women's Weekly Biscuits and Macaroons Recipe Book.

I was very excited about many of the recipes in this book which includes loads of recipes for biscuits I missed from home, including honey jumbles, anzacs and of course monte carlo's, but also the much loved and colourful macaroons which I want/feel I should have a good at baking.

As I had a 'few things' to bring back to London that wouldn't fit in my 23kg's of luggage, I had to pack a number of  items in boxes to be shipped and for some reason I put the recipe book in there too... silly me! So you'd think after the long awaited 3.5 months before I was reunited with the book I'd get straight in there and bake something from it, but here I am another 3 months later. Anyway, I got in there tonight starting with monte carlo's.

The recipes was very simple, and the dough was very easy to make and then play around with. I wanted to get them all perfect so I even went to the point of measuring out each tiny little dough ball to 13grams, but it was totally worth it.

a much missed treat

The smell from the oven was incredible when they were done and I am quite proud of these little ones. I will be taking them into work to share, and even though they won't know what they are they are, I think they might still find them a nice treat. 

Happy Baking x


  1. I just baked the Monte Carlo biscuits and they are awful nothing like the real Arnotts Monte Carlo.

  2. Oh that sucks.. these weren't 100% the same, but they were pretty delicious!