Apple Pie Nana Peg would be proud of!

If you were following my blog in September last year, you would remember that I was very excited about the arrival of the pie dish LK had bought of Etsy. Well now 8 months on I've actually got around to using it.

Pie for me needs to have an occasion and because of that its taken me a while to actually make one, and also because I prefer celebrating birthdays with cake and candles. My occasion wasn't anything to special, just a Sunday Roast that Pete was cooking for some friends and I decided this was a great chance to cook my pie.

I haven't made an actual pie for a very long time, actually I can't even remember, but I know I have. This was another thing my Nana Peg was known for and I loved watching her bake it; and so to be able to make one was important to me. I feel very lucky (and lazy) as I have Big Red to make amazing dough without getting my hands dirty and she did just that. I used the Hummingbird Apple Pie recipe from the first book as that book was the reason we bought the pie dish in the first place as their pies look so scrumptious.

I fixed it up properly with patches
but forgot to take a photo.. oops!

I made the dough the day before and then cooked the pie early Sunday morning. It didn't think it would be so simple, but it was. The apple were softened in sugar and cinnamon and if I was in my kitchen I think I would have used some nutmeg too. Cinnamon + Nutmeg = amazing!

After the apples were all softened and covered in cinnamon, a sugary syrup that was left behind that was so delicious I had to pour it down the sink before I literally drank it. I wanted to keep it and use it for something else but I didn't know what, any suggestions for next time are welcome.

I didn't quite get the top layer of dough on as successfully as I could have, but my patch work wasn't to shabby. I even made little pastry leaves to put on the top like they do in the book, however I know I'll never be a creative cake maker by sculpting things out of fondant etc as I was struggling to think about how I was going to cut a diamond... but I think I did quite well.

We served it up with some Cornish vanilla ice cream.... perfect.

Happy Baking x

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