aargh!!!! Pirate Cakes

The other week was the annual Buttoned Down Disco mid-summers boat party. My friends and I attended this last year and very much enjoyed the novelty of dancing around all night in nautical gear and this year was even better as Pete was on the decks.. Get it? Pun-intentional! I'm a loser I know.
Anyway as it was also Pete's birthday I decided to bake some themed cupcakes for the occasion. I have been wanting to expand my baking skills so I made some of my own honeycomb which was so much easier than I thought it would be. I decided to put these on top of some chocolate cupcakes which were covered in delicious chocolate icing. I can't actually take the credit for the baking on the cupcakes with these ones as LK worked her chocolate magic and whisked these up for me, my touch was just the honeycomb.

Who would have thought it was so easy???
SEE!!!! I made honeycomb!!!!
arghhhhh pirates cakes with golden treasure!!!
Thanks to LK for her help in the kitchen and also thanks to
Miss Meggles who gave us this amazing
apron from Paris.. Cat's + Baking.. is there anything better?

The second cupcakes I made was chai flavoured with butter cream icing. Pete has been bugging me to make chai flavoured cupcakes ever since he had an amazing chai flavoured milkshake in Melbourne. I can't blame him, chai and all its awesome spiciness is one of my favourite flavours too. I looked around for a few recipes, however since I had the chai powder I just decided to make it up and substituted some of my flour for the chai powder. The colour instantly changed from a cream colour to a dark beige and I thought I'd over done it, but I love chai so I thought it tasted fantastic and by the way the flew out of the boxes at the boat party I think others enjoyed them too.

Chai cupcakes with edible wafer anchors! A-hoy!

And just a few more pictures which were taken by Helena on the night.. thanks Helena!

I look a little to pleased to be eating my own cake
DJ cakes
Happy Baking x

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