Triple Chocolate Fantasy Cake - Take 2

Last weekend we celebrated the fact that my good friend Tom is now 30 years young. As he loves a good chocolate cake, I decided to bake him the Triple Chocolate Fantasy Cake that my friend Emma ordered a few weeks ago. It was a bit of a selfish decision, as I really just wanted an excuse to bake this cake again and actually get to sample it.

You can find the recipe here; however, I did a few things differently this time, including using the second crunchie bar between the layers. I had some left over icing from a cake order during the week so I added detailed piping to the top and bottom of the cake, which provided a barrier on top preventing the crunchie falling over the sides… and it looked great too.

I also wanted to make cake bunting as I had seen it on many baking blogs and loved the how cute it looks adding that personal touch. I have never been very good at crafty things, but I think for my first attempt it worked well. However, I did underestimate how tall the skewers had to be and an a few minor adjustments were made on arrival at the party.

Happy Birthday Tom x

And credit goes to Aaron Rainbird for the fantastic photos, thank you!

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