Pinwheel Cupcakes

Winter has finally arrived in London, its down to 2/3 degrees and yesterday it finally snowed! Despite living in London for nearly 6 years now, I still get excited when it snows, much to the amusement of my work colleagues. How can you not love it; it’s so pretty. However within about an hour it did warm up slightly, the snow was now rain, and it was a little less fun to be outside. I don't care, I still love it.

After attending the Cake Pop and Christmas Cookie Decorating classes at the Make Lounge last year, I have been trying to expand my decorating skills. So when I saw these cute sugar paste pinwheels by A Baked Creation I really wanted to give it a go. A year ago, I would not have even tried, but the instructions didn't seem that hard at all, and I was right.

How cute are they?

Happy Baking x

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  1. Your cupcakes look so pretty...this is a lovely idea for decoration...they remind me of those little windmills you have on the beach or in the garden! :-) I wish it would snow too...I was hoping for a snow day!