The Perfect Afternoon - My lady friends, some tea and lots of baking goodness!!!

I'm currently trying to settle back into my London life after spending a 4 week holiday back in Australia where I spent Christmas with my family and friends. I'm now into my second week back I feel slightly more normal and a little less homesick than I was last week. Not to say I'm not still homesick, but London is feeling like home again, but the amazing trip home has made me feel differently about a few things... but all for the better.

Anyway a little less self discovery and a little more baking and there was plenty of that while I was away. However one of my favourite events while I was a home was a Afternoon Tea that was hosted by my lovely lady friend Dee, which was aptly renamed 'High Dee' and what a lovely day it was. First of all many thanks to Dee for hosting such a lovely afternoon in her amazingly decorated 50's decor home. I didn't bake for this one as I had neither time or a kitchen handy, but there were many delicious treats baked by all my lady friends.. these girls know how to throw an Afternoon Tea.

Thanks to all the ladies who attended... and this is what they baked

Mini Lemon Meringue Pie
Gingerbread cake - one of my favourites.. well anything ginger is
Tracey's Chocolate, Blueberry and White Chocolate Tarts
Emily's Lamingtons - will a little help from Woolies
Bree's Bruschetta
Skye's balls
Dee's little biscuits
Meg's Meringues
My lovely ladywife Monica
Choc-chip biscuits
Annette's cheese platter.. so much cheese
Couldn't get a good photo - but this left over cheese tart was delish... by Tracey
The perfect host with her amazing dress, glass of wine and sweet cat

Happy Baking x