Lulu's Birthday Carrot Cake

I decided to break the posts up, however the last post and the next one were actually all made in the one weekend. For this post though I think she deserved her own post as she is a big loved and demolisher of my baking adventures and her opinion matter very much to me. Also if I was to actually go into selling this properly she would be a model of my market.

This cake was for LuLu and once again LK helped me out with this as it was part of her birthday present. I actually can't take much of the credit for the baking of the cake as all I did was measure out the ingredients and LK did all the hard work, however i did make the cream cheese icing.
The birthday girl was over the moon with this cake which made it all worth while. 

Happy Birthday Lulu, and Happy Baking to all x

1 comment:

  1. best carrot cake EVER invented.

    thank you so much to you and LK for my favourite bAked treat to date.

    you guys melt my heart and make my mouth water!!

    love ya sugar filled guts