The Cupcake Cookie Monster

This week I wanted to put some of my cake decorating skills to practice. Marco has been pestering me to make Cookie Monster Cupcakes for awhile now so I thought I would surprise him.

LauraK made the simple vanilla cupcakes, with a teaspoon of peanut butter in the middle. And for the topping we had run out of cocoa powder so we improvised and used a mixture of nutella and peanut butter.
To made the fur for the cookie monster I mixed some blue food colouring in with desiccated coconut. I wasn't sure if this would work at all, however it turned out surprisingly well and gave the coconut real texture as there was different shades of blue.

For the eyes I tried using white chocolate drops and black icing pen, however the eyes were a little small, a little to Howard Moon like.

"You haven't seen my mate Howard, have you? Kinda tall, scruffy hair, small eyes like a crab? "
―Vince Noir on Howard
So I just drew them on with white icing pen. Next time I think I will use smarties. They taste better too...

Happy Baking x

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  1. What would Cookie Monster say?? I WANT TO EAT ME!!! nom,nom,nom,nom.