Friday Night in at The Villas

Tonight’s dinner was a splurge night, but made all the better because it was from scratch… right down to the dough.

We started with the pizza dough on Thursday night. Lots of kneading… note to self; use higher bench or two 10 minute sessions of kneading hurts you back. We used wholemeal flour instead of white flour which I found that when I was trying to stretch out the dough it keep springing back, so I beat it out with the rolling pin which was great to get rid of the days stress which was totally needed after this week.

So little....

they grow up so quickly...

All our toppings were vegetarian. LauraK and I had a bit of a cheese stand off with our English thinks he’s Italian housemate, we say top, he says bottom. I’m still not sold, but they were all quite delish.

Pizza One - Homemade Tomato Sauce, Tomatoes, Mushroom, Pine Nuts, Rocket & black olives

Pizza Two - Homemade tomato sauce, pesto, rocket, pine nuts, sweet potato, feta & cameralised onion

Pizza Three - Homemade tomato sauce, pineapple, mushroom, tomatoes & pesto

For dessert I made my apple crumble. This is a simple recipe that my friend Charissa gave me. Its so simple to do and always smells so amazing that first time you open the oven while its cooking. I served this up with our Friday night treat of Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream. Sabrina choose Fairly Nuts which has caramel and nuts which goes amazingly with the apple crumble when its comes out hot from the oven.

Happy Baking x

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