Wedding Dress Iced Cookies

We are now officially in the dark of winter, but there is light ahead. To be honest I've been enjoying the cold. I finally get to wear the purple beret that's been in my cupboard for the summer months wanting to come out. Though apparently I wear a little too much purple... I disagree :)

When I was in Australia, one of my friends bought me this beautiful copper cookie cutter. It was the finally straw for me and my plastic cookie cutter collection and I realised it was time to upgrade. Though now having a copper cutter, I kind of want all copper ones, but that might prove difficult when finding the shapes I want. It's a start anyway. So I've given away the plastic cutters to a new loving family, well most of them anyway, the dinosaur ones stayed for now.

I have a long way to go in the art of cookie deco
ration and I want to push myself to become more comfortable with it, but colouring in between the lines was never my forte.

I did get some lovely compliments on these and they were definitely tasty. Next up... Valentines day cookies!

Happy Baking x

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